Víctor M. López

Víctor M. López is a rare guy. He studied law because he wanted, and left it because he did not see himself in it. He started working as Project Manager of the Internet company Teknoland, not knowing what attach meant and without even speaking in English. He ended up being Chief Operating Officer, and quickly got bored of working for distinguished clients.

Then he decided to give birth and became the mother of Pocoyó (because success has many parents but mother there is only one). He did a master’s degree in the best martial arts school in the world: Shuriken School, and taught a generation how to play to bottle caps with one of the first viral games on the Internet, Play Chapas.

He could take him to drinking, but he founded Vodka, and sang and danced with Jelly Jamm and Guille Milkyway, sailed the seas with Pirata and Capitano, and was the most lunatic with Bugsted… By the way, maybe there is a surprising film soon.

The crisis, (what crisis?) caught him just when we were going to bed, so he decided that the Telerin Family could be a good transmedia content, and the longing made him play again with Pin and Pon, dedicating them serial contents, making it digital and taking them around the world.

Anima Kitchent is his latest project, an illusion and renewed desire to make contents… Currently called Transmedia. It´s all about telling stories and trying everybody to watch them, listening and having fun.