Dra. Paloma Contreras Pulido


University of Huelva (Spain) PhD in Education from the University of Huelva. BA in Journalism and Diploma in Social Education. Master in Audiovisual Communication and Education (UHU / UNIA).

Currently She works as a professor at the University of Huelva in Grades of Elementary and Early Childhood Education and Social Education. She is also professor of Audiovisual Communication and professor for the Master of Education (UHU / UNIA), the Master of Journalism (UFV) and the Master of Radio (IRTVE / UCM). Member of the group ¨Communicate¨, scientific reviewer and member of the Technical Council of the ¨ Communicate¨ Magazine.

She is a researcher at the Alfamed Network (Euro-American inter-university research network on media literacy for citizenship which brings together more than 50 researchers from 13 European and Latin American countries).

Paloma has numerous publications in high impact journals and books, most of them linked to the field of literacy and media literacy.