Patricia Núñez Gómez PhD


Professor of Advertising and Public Relations. Advertising and Communication Researcher. Faculty of Information Sciences, Complutense University – Madrid

Chair of Advertising Research TWG in Europe / ECREA.

Member of the Youth and Children Group of the London School of Economics.
Adviser of the Independent Council for the Protection of Children (
UNESCO Tutor in Media Literacy and Research Member for UNICEF.
Member of the research group SOCMEDIA: Study of the learning and leisure socio-communicative behaviour and competences developed by children and young people (digital natives) through the use of new media and ICT.
Visiting researcher at several international universities as the university of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Helsinki (Finland) and collaborating in Latin American and European universities in different research projects.
Member of Images, Words and Ideas Group (
Her main interests are social networks and teens, leading the research group Teens, Communities and Digital literacy.
Academic President of the International Advertising Association (IAA).
Member of the Board Team of Ngo´s in Africa dedicated to protect children and supporting an education for future (PLOG and TYAD)
Author of several articles and books related to the aforementioned subjects and Speaker in various international conferences.

Lines of research:

Digital Literacy, Children and advertising, children and innovation methods in education , Social networks and teens. Online advertising, Social Web, Semantic Web, Digital Natives, New Technologies.